Webinar – Unlocking FX Secrets : Strategies to Maximize FX Profit


Have you ever wondered how do bank traders make money year in, year out? Amongst retail traders, you must have heard of traders who make a luxurious living out of FX trading. What are the secrets to making money in the FX market?

Join us in this webinar to find out from our analyst Nicholas Tan, who had spent 13 years as a bank FX trader, making millions in those years. He will share with you the secrets of making money in FX. He will also share techniques for day traders, swing traders as well as position takers. With the US dollar on a clear directional path, now could be the time to indulge in FX trading. 

Webinar Details:
Topic: Unlocking FX Secrets : Strategies to Maximize FX Profit
Date:   19 April 2023, Wednesday
Time:  7pm to 9pm
Speaker:  Nicholas Tan, Associate Director, UOB Kay Hian

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