About Tick Insights

With the influx of research materials these days at your fingertips. Tick Insights aims to provide readers with quick bites into the latest trading information based on technical trends and also snippets into how various financial products can be integrated into your overall investment portfolio.

Daily views via Technical Charts
Everyday is a new day with new trading opportunities in various instruments and financial markets. Based on a wide range of technical studies, charts are able to provide you with key signals on the potential market performance. Our charts are complemented with easy to understand commentary that will enable you to make quick trading decisions and insights.

Understanding various Financial Products
UOB Kay Hian provides you with a wide range of financial products in the global markets to enable you to maximize your investment opportunities. Tick Insights aims to provide users with an understanding of the mechanics of various financial products and the benefits of the various financial product. Armed with the relevant information from us, users will be empowered to make educated decisions on how various financial instruments can be integrated into their investment portfolio.