Systematic Trading With Algorithm

Using a system, a trader can avoid greed and fear. Decision making will be emotion free and will be based on pre-defined logic. Stop loss can be programmed and the trading system can work 24 hours around the clock without any tiredness. Risk management can be practiced even when the investor is asleep. In this webinar, find out the benefit of systematic trading, from designing the system logic to setting the risk control and trading size.

Date: 1 March 2021
Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm 

Speaker: Nicholas Tan, UOB Kay Hian

Speaker’s Profile

Nicholas Tan is our Associate Director of FX and CFD with 30 years of experience in the financial markets. Prior to joining UOB Kay Hian in 2002, he had worked for 13 years as a FX trader with major banks in Singapore, rising to Vice President in the process.

He is the author of 2 popular books, Handbook for Forex Trading and Handbook for CFD Trading. He has made guest appearances on TV program like Money Mind to discuss Forex Trading. Since 2007, he has given numerous talks and seminars, in the area of technical analysis, locally and overseas for Technical Analysts Society of Singapore and other societies and organizations.

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