Webinar on 20 May 2020 Video Clip

Questions regarding Ichimoku, like how to calculate the cloud, what the cloud indicate, as I have a Ichimoku webinar on the 1st June 2020, I will address it on that night.
here is the link to register for the webinar

How long is the expected period for U-shaped recovery?
I could be 1 year.

Why do you think local bank can continue their high dividend payment? European banks have suspended dividend payment altogether.
Yes European banks have suspended dividend payment especially those who did liquidity assistance from their central banks. But no Singapore banks have ask MAS for financial assistance as yet. DBS has not cut back on their recent dividend payout and have not indicated they will cut.
Our banking analyst, Jonathan believe that banks can maintain their dividend payout.

When Vaccine found, Top Glove will sure go down. What will happen to that 2 Medic share that your mention?
Going forward, wearing a mask may be a requirement. Glove usages may also increase from many other different sources. It may not go down that much.

what do you mean when you say the STI will pull back 60% from march lows? What is your view of STI revisit hist low of 1600?
I will be updating the STI index soon. Please keep a lookout for it on this blog.

The Federal Reserve has hinted that they are prepared to provide as much monetary easing as required by the market. There is no quantum cap.

Do you think Gold will have a new historical high amid this trade war tension, impending recession for many countries and due to covid?
The historical high for Gold is around $1920, I think we should test this level by Mar 2021. That was my 1 year view on Gold.
Trade war tension, recession and low interest rate environment are all likely factors favourable for Gold

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