CFD Trading – Frasers CPT Reit & Keppel DC Reit

Frasers CPT Trust Stock Code J69U.SGX

Price was unable to break above a price resistance at $2.16 on its second attempt and price has declined to $1.95.. Price is currently at the lower edge of the cloud. The price and cloud relationship is showing a bearish trend. The cloud is also getting thicker which means that price is going to find it harder to pass through. Price is currently in between Conversion and Base lines which is inconclusive. Lagging Span is above price of 26 days ago but is still far below the cloud at the moment.  MACD is bearish at the moment with both its lines looking  like there will experience a bearish crossover in the near future.

$1.98                 Short Sell
$1.78                 Price Target
$2.12                 Risk Management Stop
3 weeks              Trade Duration

Keppel DC REIT Stock Code AJBU.SGX

Price has a corrective decline recently as price, despite the decline is still above the cloud. The cloud is also getting thicker, meaning that it would be harder for price trend to change into a bearish trend with a thicker cloud providing more support. Price also moved above the Conversion but is currently below the Base line. Lagging Span is above price of 26 days ago but is still currently inside the cloud. MACD is bullish with both its lines above the zero line. MACD is moving higher and is turning up around the zero line, hinting of more price upsides ahead.

$2.30                 Buy
$2.53                 Price Target
$2.13                 Risk Management Stop
3 weeks             Trade Duration

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