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Can price reverse inside the cloud?
For cloud breakout – No, price must break above or below the cloud.
For Ichimoku reversal – Yes price can breakout inside the cloud but it would be better to wait for the cloud breakout for double confirmation.

What is the best time frame to use for Ichimoku?
The creator used it on the weekly chart. The parameter used is for the weekly chart. E.g 52, 26
Should you change the parameter for Daily chart?
I dont think it is necessary. The difference is small between 22 & 26.

Can you use Ichimoku chart with volume?
Yes, you can. You can display volume at the bottom.

How to do stock screening of Ichimoku technique using the charting tool available at UOBKH?
There is no screener for Ichimoku. You have to view each stocks manually.
If we use Conversion n Base Line Crossover as entry point, is it considered too early?
These 2 lines can be used for entry as well as exit for stock timing. Early has its advantage as well as disadvantage. You can get into the trend at a better price than the cloud breakout. But sometimes it get you in early and it is a false breakout. The important thing is to know when the signal is strong or weak.

Any other confirmation we need to look out to pick entry point?
Momentum indicators. Candlestick price pattern or even chart pattern can be combined to get a better entry point.
why there is different in cloud color?
I have set 2 different colour for bullish and bearish situation. Go to your setting to choose.

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  • can I confirm if the conversion line is below the base line but both still above the cloud..how to know if still bullish or expect to be on a downtrend?

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