Webinar on 16 April 2020 Video Clip

Is the stock market a V or U shape or others?
I have said before it could be a U shape. I will have more detail on this on Monday 20 May 2020 at 6.30pm.

What your view on aviation industry like SATS, SIA etc?
Aviation sector is underweight. SIA, SIA Eng, SATS are underweight. ST Eng is preferred by our research.

What is the level KLCI must cross next week? What is the buy level to look at for Genting Malaysia? Is the bank’s yield sustainable as those are historical?
The Ichimoku cloud is dynamic. There is no one fix level but watch it everyday for the crossing.
For Genting Malaysia, wait for dip to enter.
Singapore banks dividend may be sustainable. The yield is the dividend you get dividend by the price you paid. But is dividend is cut, then the yield will be affected.

In regards to Z-scores of less than 1.81, does that mean the companies are in financial distress?
Z-score of less than 1.8 shows a companies’ finances may maybe in distress.

What to think of aviation stocks like SIA when restrictions are lifted?
When restrictions are lifted, there is likely to be demand. We may see a quick recovery. But when will restriction be lifted? The longer it drags on, the worse it will be for SIA or Air Asia. For Air Asia, how long can it withstand the restriction. In USA, many airlines had to be bailed out by the US government. SIA had to do a cash call.

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