CFD Trading – American Airlines Group & Kroger Co

American Airlines Group Inc. Company Stock Code AAL.NAS

Price broke below the cloud on 21 Feb 2020 and has declined to a low of $10.01. This low could be a temporary low and price could do a corrective rally back up to the Base line resistance at $19.60. There is a gap zone from $19.05 to $22.31. This big gap zone is likely to cap price rally and cause price decline back lower again. However, we do not think price can reach this level. Rather, we are expecting price to be capped at the Base line resistance at $19.60. There is also a price resistance at this level.  MACD is still bearish although it is turning higher.

$19.60                Short Sell
$10.10                Price Target
$24.05                Risk Management Stop
3 weeks              Trade Duration

Kroger Co Stock Code KR.NYS

Price had reached a high at $36.84 on 18 March 2020 and has declined for the past 5 days. For those 5 days, the declines were sharp and range was larger than usual. Price broke below and closed below the cloud yesterday which could be the start of a new downtrend in price. Price also broke below an 8-month uptrend line, which is also another bearish sign. Base and Conversion lines have not had a bearish crossover as yet but both lines are close together and a move lower today is likely to lead to a bearish crossover. MACD is bullish at the moment but is moving lower.

$28.10                Short Sell
$23.80               Price Target
$30.20               Risk Management Stop
3 weeks             Trade Duration

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