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ST Engineering Stock Code S63.SGX

Price managed to stay above the cloud during the recently correction and yesterday; price broke above a recent high. In the process of this breakout, price also broke above an Ichimoku V price structure as well. Going by the Ichimoku V price structure, we have a price target for this breakout at $4.43. Conversion and Base lines have a bullish crossover confirming this bullish trend. Lagging Span also adds another confirmation. Lagging Span stays above price of 26 periods ago as well as above the cloud. MACD is also bullish with both its line currently above the zero line. MACD is rising as well.

$4.24                 Buy
$4.43                 Price Target
$4.16                 Risk Management Stop
3 weeks             Trade Duration

ThaiBev Stock Code Y92.SGX

Price reached a low of $0.74 on 10 Feb 2020, gapping below the previous day low and creating a gap in the process. The next day, price closed the gap and yesterday, price continued to move higher above the previous day’s high, confirming the closing of the gap and bullish reversal. MACD has a bullish divergence warning as well, hinting of a possible price low and a possible reversal in trend. We view the gap as a early trend change warning signal as both Conversion and Base lines have yet to give a bullish signal. Price is also currently below the cloud.

$0.780                Buy
$0.870                Price Target
$0.740                Risk Management Stop
3 weeks              Trade Duration

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