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PAYPAL Holdings Inc Stock Code PYPL.NAS

Price declined after reaching a high of $121.48 to the recent low at $102.21. A recovery has sent price higher to $111.97. This is near to the Fibonacci 50% of this rally as well. There is also the cloud resistance just overhead at $112.90. These could act as a strong resistance zone that could cap the price rally. If price is unable to move above this resistance zone, price could drop lower to the previous low at $102.10 or to the Fibonacci A-B-C target price of $92.50. The price support line at $94.70 is also another strong support. Price is below the cloud which shows a bearish trend and Lagging Span confirms as it is below the cloud. MACD is bearish with both its lines way below the zero line.

$111.90              Short Sell
$94.70                Price Target
$119.90              Risk Management Stop
3 weeks              Trade Duration


Price opened up a gap two days ago and is testing the recent high of $114.93.  There was a bigger gap that was created before this smaller gap. Both these gaps are signs of a strong bullish trend. If price cannot close these 2 gaps, it is likely to trend higher. MACD is bullish with both its line above the zero line. MACD is also trending higher. If price were to move above $114.93, an Ichimoku reversal will be triggered and going by the “N” price projection, price can go higher to $120.22

$114.95              Buy
$120.20              Price Target
$111.60              Risk Management Stop
2 weeks              Trade Duration

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