CFD Trading – Wynn Resort & Starbucks

Wynn Resort Ltd Stock Code WYNN.NAS


Price reached a low near $101.60 three days ago and has since moved higher. The rally looks set to continue but there is a big gap around $115 to $118.26 and price may be unable to move above $118.26. There is also a Base line resistance and cloud resistance around the area from $118.26 to $121.90. MACD is also strongly bearish as it histogram is long and far away from the zero line. If price is unable to move above the gap and cloud, it is likely to test the low again.


$118.00 Short Sell
$102.00 Price Target
$122.20 Risk Management Stop
3 weeks Trade Duration

Starbucks Corporation Stock Code SBUX.NAS


Recent price correction has managed to stay above the base of a price gap. As the gap is not closed, the trend is likely to be up and price has already moved above this base. Price has also managed to stay above the Base line. Currently price is above the Base and Conversion lines as well as the cloud with Lagging Span above the cloud and price of 26 days ago. These are bullish signs. Last night price managed to close above recent highs in the consolidation which could be a sign of a breakout in the process. MACD is bullish and both lines are above the zero line. The faster line is also looking to turn up as well.


$96.80 Buy
$104.20 Price Target
$91.70 Risk Management Stop
3 weeks Trade Duration

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