CFD Trading 28 May 2019

General Electric Company Stock Code GE.NYS


Price is currently inside the cloud but it is almost at the edge of the cloud. Price could be about to break below the cloud. Both Conversion and Base lines are above price, which is a short term sign of a bearish trend. A small gap was opened up two days ago, hinting of a bearish trend. MACD is bearish and is about to go below zero line, which is a hint of a bearish trend ahead. Price could be heading back to the previous low of $8.78.


$9.75 Sell
$8.78 Price Target
$10.10 Risk Management Stop
4 weeks Trade Duration

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Stock Code BMY.NYS


Price went into the cloud 3 days ago, during the process of a corrective rally but that rally has failed to sustain and price has just broken below the cloud. A possible Double Top may be forming as price was unable to move above $47.82. If price is unable to move above this resistance, it is likely to decline to $44.23. Both Conversion and Base lines are supporting price at $46.70. A price move below $46.70 would trigger the decline to $43. MACD is still bullish at the moment, but it looks weak.


$46.90 Sell
$48.10 Price Target
$44.25 Risk Management Stop
3 weeks Trade Duration

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