CFD Trading 14 March 2019

JSH USD Stock Code J37.SGX


From the low in Oct 2018, price has been climbing higher. The way it has climbed to the recent high at $40.70 looks like a Rising Wedge pattern. Price is now sitting on the trend line of that Rising Wedge. It is also on the support edge of the cloud. While price is above the cloud, both Conversion and Base lines are about to experience a bearish crossover. MACD trend is declining and the slow line could soon move below Zero line, hinting of a bearish trend.


$37.68 Short Sell
$35.58 Price Target
$39.28 Risk Management Stop
2 weeks Trade Duration

Venture Manufacturing Stock Code V03.SGX


Since 4th Jan 2019, price has been rising nicely in an uptrend price channel. Since the 4th of Mar, price has been declining from the high of $19.50. As price is above the cloud and above the Base line, the trend is still bullish. Base line at $17.55 may provide support for the uptrend to resume. This is also the support from the rising uptrend line as well as a previous low at $17.50. MACD momentum is still bullish and strong.


$17.50 Buy
$19.50 Price Target
$16.10 Risk Management Stop
3 weeks Trade Duration

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