UTRADE Forex Summit on 19 Oct 2019

Who Should Attend?

Interested To Start Forex Trading
Understand the advantages of adding FX as one of your trading instruments in your investment portfolio

Beginners In Forex
Are you a technical, opportunistic or fundamental trader? Hear what the experts have to share on which is the best way to trade.

Full Time Forex Traders
Still struggling with losing trades? Learn to mineralize losing trades and enter into more profit-making trades with the expert insights.

Macroeconomic Traders
Find out the macro economic factors that move the forex market from UOB Bank’s market strategist.

Technical Chart
Save on expensive charting courses. Learn the technical indicators best suited for the forex market from a leading Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and Certified Financial Technician from the International Federation of Technical Analysts with 30 years of forex trading experience.

Forex Scalper
Do you embrace the scalping strategy, but not feeling welcomed by your broker? Look no further than us. As a non-market maker, we never profit at your expense. Our interest is to help you to be profitable.

Why Traders Should Attend?

  • The 3 speakers have a total of 54 years of experience in Forex market. Power up your Forex trading with 54 years of Forex experience.
  • Tap on a professional full-time FX trader, for his skill, knowledge and experience in his journey from a beginner to a successful professional trader.
  • Learn technical trading skill to use in Forex trader, from a technical analyst with 30 years of Forex trading experience. Which indicators are best for the Forex market?
  • Listen to macroeconomic events that could change the Forex climate. Which way is global interest rate moving and when will it change course?


In this seminar, we have a speaker who uses macroeconomics to predict forex movement. We also have a chartist, who will share his techniques to analyze the forex market. Our third speaker is a self-directed trader, who will share his successful way to profit from the forex market. In the last section of the event there will be a 45-minute panel discussion. Our 3 speakers will take part in a round table discussion with participants, who will get to question the speakers in a panel discussion on forex.

Speakers’ Profiles

Nicholas Tan
Victor Yong
Gary Yang

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Nicholas Tan
Nicholas Tan is our Associate Director of FX and CFD with 30 years of experience in the financial markets. Prior to joining UOB Kay Hian in 2002, he had worked for 13 years as a FX trader with major banks in Singapore, rising to Vice President in the process. He is the author of 2 popular books, “Handbook for Forex Trading” and “Handbook for CFD Trading”. He has made guest appearances on TV program like Money Mind to discuss Forex Trading. Since 2007, he has given numerous talks and seminars, in the area of technical analysis, locally and overseas for Technical Analysts Society of Singapore and other societies and organizations.

Victor Yong
Victor Yong joined UOB as a market strategist in 2014. In his current role as Interest Rate Strategist in the Global Economics and Markets Research team, he is responsible for interest rate research with a primary focus on Singapore and secondary coverage on the ASEAN and G10 regions. Victor also has eight years of experience as a rates trader at UOB and another regional bank in Asia Pacific. In addition, he was previously part of a European bank’s rates submission team to help set up the framework for monitoring submissions in selected Asian rates.

Gary Yang
Gary Yang has been a self-directed trader since 2012, specialising in Forex. He started trading back in 2008 and has developed his own style of trading over time and is a firm believer in back testing any strategies before utilizing them. Gary’s ability to anticipate short-term trend and price levels using a combination of technical analysis and sense of market sentiment, helps him transit successfully into full-time trading thereafter. Considering his keen interest in testing strategies and automation, since 2017 Gary put his trading focus towards algorithmic trading.

What Can You Expect To Take Back From This Seminar?

  1. Learn technical skills from a certified technical analyst.
  2. Which are the technical indicators best suited for the forex market?
  3. Know the macroeconomic factors affecting the forex market.
  4. Question which are the factors that are now important for the FX market.
  5. Acquire the skills to be a professional forex trader.
  6. Learn from the experience of a full time professional trader.

Learn from the professional. Attain your financial freedom!

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