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It is headquartered in Singapore and is supported by more than 80 branches worldwide.

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About Amos

Amos Hong joined UOB Kay Hian (Singapore) in 2015 and was appointed as an Associate Director. He is responsible for the sales of financial products such as Stock, Stock Indices, CFD, Forex, Gold, Bonds and Wealth Management Structured Products eg. ELN (Equity-Linked Note) and FCN (Fixed Coupon Note).

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Prior to joining UOB Kay Hian, he was working at CitiGroup Global Markets Singapore Private Limited.

He has over 10 years of experience in the financial industry and holds a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance (Honours) degree from University of London.


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*Note: Amos Hong is one of UOB Kay Hian’s Trading Representatives. His personal views and opinions are not a representation of UOB Kay Hian.