New Features On UTRADE Delta Platform

We have released new features on the UTRADE Delta platform.

Introducing our new platform features:

  1. New theme to brighten up your trading experience:
  • The new “light” theme is available on the Desktop version of the platform, you now have the option to select which background you would want for your trading platform. 
  1. Enhanced analysis tools to better support your trading strategy:
  • Achieve more accurate analysis with lines, price levels are now shown along with the horizontal lines drawn on charts.
  • Determine trading sentiments in one glance with the new Relative Volume Indicator available on charts. 
  1. Advanced Trading Related Features to match your trading style:
  • Track your cost of trading with more ease. Financing charges are now calculated and available for you to view in the order entry panel for CFD Equities & ETFs trading.
  • Trade with more control. You may now customize your Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) levels to be triggered at either the Bid or Ask price for FX and CFD Indices to satisfy your trading preferences.

Log in to your account to try out the newest features now!

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