Webinar – The Attractions of CFD Indices


Investors tend to invest in stocks if they want to participate in the direction of the stock market, but what if the stocks did not go in the same direction as the market? Some may invest in component stocks in the Dow Jones Index to minimize the risk. How about buying just the stock market index? You can invest in an index ETF but trading in CFD Indices may give you more profit opportunities.

Join us in this webinar to find out more about the attractions of CFD Indices and how you can utilise them in your portfolio. Our Technical Analyst, Nicholas will also be sharing two CFD Indices trading strategies.

Webinar Details:
Topic:              The Attractions of CFD Indices
Date:               21 November 2022, Monday
Time:              6.30pm to 7.30pm
Speaker:        Nicholas Tan, Associate Director, UOB Kay Hian

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