Webinar – US Election Scenarios – How To Profit Using CFD ETF?

In this webinar, we will examine the various possible scenarios that could result from the US Election 2020. U.S. citizens will be choosing a President. They will also elect members for the House of Representatives as well as for the Senate.  What will be the outcome and what will be the impact on the various assets class like Gold, Equity market and currencies. What are the sectors that will benefit from Biden’s trump? What will happen if a “Blue Wave” sweeps across the United States of America?

Key Learning Points
1. Analyze the various scenarios arising from the US election 2020.
2. The implication of each scenario on the financial market.
3.  How to position your portfolio ahead and after the US election?
4. What are the sectors that will perform well?

Webinar Details:
Topic:             US Election Scenarios – How to Profit Using CFD ETF?
Date:              2 November 2020, Monday
Time:              6.30 to 7.30pm
Speaker:         Nicholas Tan, Associate Director, UOB Kay Hian

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