UTRADE Forex Summit

On 19th Oct 2019, UOB Kay Hian organized a Forex summit.

The first speaker, Nicholas Tan from UOB Kay Hian, talked about using technical analysis to chart the movement of currency pair. He shared about a 3-day cycle and how to profit from this 3-day cycle with MACD as a guide to turning point and Fibonacci to pin point the profit target.

The second speaker, an interest rate specialist from UOB Bank, Victor Yong, talked about using Macroeconomics to forecast currency and shared his outlook for the 4th quarter of 2019. Gary Yang, our 3rd speaker and 2nd guest speaker, is a private full time forex trader who uses systems to trade. Gary shared how to create a trading system and came up with a system that has a 95% win ratio and was profitable in 123 months out of 132 months tested.

There was a panel discussion with our 3 speakers providing insights and tips to profit from Brexit and Sino-US trade talk. Participants get to questions our speakers on various topics, especially Gary on his trading system.

We had a great day. Our guests had a great day and we are all wiser. They learnt about technical trading strategy, macroeconomic approach to forecasting as well as using systems to profit from the forex market.

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