CFD Trading 1 April 2019

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co Stock Code BMY.NYS


Price declined below the cloud after both Conversion and Base lines had a bearish crossover earlier, confirming the downtrend in progress. Price is also below the Conversion line, which is an indication of a strong bearish trend. MACD confirms the strong bearish price trend. MACD is bearish and is still trending lower. Given the strong trend, we would expect price to test the support at $44.26.


$48.20 Short Sell
$44.30 Price Target
$50.85 Risk Management Stop
3 weeks Trade Duration

Seagate Technology PLC. Stock Code STX.NAS


Price has turned up from just below $46 and on Friday, the candle was green and long, indicating the correction could have ended and price could be about to move higher. On Friday, price had moved above the Conversion line as well as the Base line and closing above both lines. Price should be moving higher to test the gap resistance zone at $51.50 to $52.80. MACD is still bullish and above the Zero line.


$47.50 Buy
$51.50 Price Target
$44.50 Risk Management Stop
2 weeks Trade Duration

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